Subdomain and shortlink Service:

Free subdomain service usage rules offers the possibility to create a own subdomain.

Folgende Regeln stellen wir zur Nutzung unseres Services To use this service, you have to accept the following rules:
  • You should not publish or rediret to illegal content, such as warez, copyright restricted material, porn, violence or similar topics.
  • You have to provide real personal data during registration. Account with invalid personal data will be deleted without any investigation
  • Please respect the netiquette, do not offend anyone or spam on this service.
  • Do not register subdomains, which aou are not using. Inactive subdomains will be deleted one time per month.
  • For all subdomain redirects or subdomain contents the owner of this subdomain is the only responsible person. However, in such a case we may cancel account and subdomain access.
Data security / personality
  • will store some personal data during registration to



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